Ivy - Hedera hibernica

Hedera ' Hibernica ' is one of the most used hedge plants. It is an Irish ivy and grows best in a place with shade or partial shade.



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Hedera ' Hibernica ' is one of the most used hedge plants. It is an Irish ivy and grows best in a place with shade or partial shade. This species grows tremendously fast, which is a huge advantage, because the hedge has grown completely close within 2-3 years. So it is an ideal plant for people who want privacy quickly. In our nursery we always start with 3 to 4 grown cuttings in each pot, which make our Ivy stronger.  You can start directly with a beautiful and qualitative plant. They are also fitted with a bamboo stick to make a better adhesion to a wall or closure. You can order this hedge plants online at our shop!

Winter Green

Ivy under scrutiny

Soil type
Not too humid, flexible
5m - 10 m

Ivy under scrutiny

Leaf color
Flower Color
Flowering months
Small yellow green flowers
Octobre - Novembre
Pruning period
Partial shade-Sun-flexible


Planting Ivy, hedera hibernica does not require much effort, but there are some points that should be taken into consideration before and during the planting of this Ivy species;


  1. Mix the soil with sufficient peat nutrient mixture. This ensures a well permeable soil and strongly promotes the root formation of the plant.

  2. In order to get a drained soil you can also dig some and change everything well.

  3. When the weather is warm and you plant Ivy in your garden, it is very important to give it enough water.

With this info you can get to work and then enjoy sure and fix your beautiful garden and your new green!



Ivy, hedera hibernica is a very simple plant in terms of care. Treating against diseases is not necessary, because they are not there. However, there are some things that need to be watched so that your Ivy would feel good;


  1. Always fertilize with organic fertilizer, never chemically

  2. Pruning is best done in the months of April-October

Tip of the Nursery!

In the webshop the organic fertilizer is available which we use on the tree nursery.


Frequent questions


Is there a certain planting tip of the nursery concerning Ivy, Hedera Hibernica?

A real must for the planting of chipped ivy is the weaving of the long vines. With an ivy hedge, the aim is to create a beautiful and dense hedge as soon as possible, which can be done by weaving the long branches in the fence after the planting. You have to repeat this several times. A quick way to create privacy in your garden!

Is there a certain tip when pruning ivy, Hedera hibernica?

To keep your ivy, Hedera Hibernica in its supreme health, it is sometimes advisable to do the annual shave more thoroughly than otherwise. Put the Ivy hedge very briefly, so that you almost can look through. This promotes leaf growth and prevents bald spots in the hedge. This allows the hedge to breathe better and the Ivy is kept compact.

What are the advantages of choosing an ivy hedge?

There are a variety of advantages to choose for Ivy (Hedera hibernica)

-Grows incredibly fast close

-Very compact in size

-Very easy to maintain, 1 pruning per year is sufficient

-Hardy and winter green

By choosing Ivy, Hedera Hibernica, you will also keep your privacy in your garden in winter.

How quickly does an ivy hedge grow?

An ivy hedge grows close very fast. Depending on the size of the Ivy plant chosen, this can vary from 1 to 2 years before your hedge has grown completely. So that you can't look through the hedge any more.

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