100% organic strawberries

Pure from the fields

Don't just say strawberries against strawberries from Pure from the fields. They are deliciously sweet, tasty, juicy and 100% organic and with love grown at our nursery.

Philip Eeckhout

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Sonja Decorte

Jürgen Eeckhout

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A real family business

100% organic

Organic Strawberry Pure from the fields


In addition to the tree nursery, the family was started in 2017 with the cultivation of strawberries. Not just strawberries, but 100% organic. Full of enthusiasm and passion they stepped into this adventure. To start in organic strawberry cultivation it was first necessary to switch. This means that there is a certain ' transitional phase ' between the application and the effective organic certified. But from 2018, it is so far, 100% organic certified fresh strawberries. From West-Flemish soil, that tastes even better!


Why organic?


The choice for organic growing was simple,

You grow not only a tasteful and pure product, but also contribute to nature! Since our tree nursery is always trying to use natural alternatives, the step towards organic strawberry cultivation was not great.

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Why organic strawberries?


Strawberries are the most chemical sprayed fruit in the world, which is already saying more than enough we suspect. That is why we want to change this and grow completely without even any chemical strawberries. So you are sure of pure, delicious, 100% natural, tasty, juicy organic strawberries, from West-Flemish, Belgian soil.

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Are you interested in our organic strawberries?


Come and visit our nursery. You will discover not only where those delicious fresh organic strawberries come from, but you also discover a passionate family company who stands ready for all your questions.

Starting in May, the strawberry season starts and our shop is open. Opening hours vary by season. In the ' Contact ' section you can consult our most recent opening hours.


Our nursery is located in the region of Roeselare, Oostnieuwkerke (West-Flanders) and is very easily accessible, but you can also obtain our organic strawberries from a number of partners.


Discover the list of partners through the sales points page.


We would like to welcome you to our nursery.


Philip, Sonja & Jürgen

Organic strawberries
Organic nursery
Organic strawberries
Organic nursery
Organic strawberrie plants
Organic strawberries

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Kapstraat 4

8840 Oostnieuwkerke,

West-Vlaanderen, België - Belgium

BE 0827.474.039


+32 (0)499 19 79 13 ( NL | FR | ENG )

+32 (0)485 62 27 34 ( NL )

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