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100% green

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The hedge plants are cultivated by our nursery 'Eeckhout-Decorte', from cuttings to mature plants. Environmentally friendly and with the greatest passion bred. The ideal place to discover your green!

A real family business


He know the ins and outs of the nursery like no other

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Philip Eeckhout

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Ensures smooth operation on the nursery. Full of Passion!

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Sonja Decorte


A versatile task package with focus on online sales

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Jürgen Eeckhout

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100% green

For more than 20 years, Eeckhout-Decorte has been active in the sector of the hedge plants and is located in the region of Roeselare, Oostnieuwkerke (West Flanders, Belgium). With his clear approach, Eeckhout-Decorte knows how to position high in terms of quality and service.


Nursery Eeckhout-Decorte supports 3 pillars


* Customer Satisfaction

* Service

* Quality & Durability


Because our hedge plants are grown on a small scale, this ensures that we can guarantee the quality.


In the case of tree nursery Eeckhout-Decorte is grown in the most sustainable way possible, this means with as few chemical substances as possible. That is why we are always looking for plant species that are resistant to diseases. such as Ilex Crenata "Green Hedge" & Ilex Crenata "Dark Green" ® *. Because the passion is not in growing alone, but also in respecting the environment. We ensure that you can enjoy a beautiful, natural garden with healthy biodiversity. In the fight against diseases, the use of natural resources is often chosen.

3 cups




Ilex green hedge

100% nature

Since 2015 we are now also growing, next to the Buxus "Sempervirens", the unique plant species Ilex Crenata "Dark Green" ® * and Ilex Crenata "Green Hedge", since 2017 also Ilex Crenata Stokes and Ilex Crenata ' Caroline upright '. These species are much less susceptible to diseases and are extremely suitable to make beautiful hedges and forms of it. Eeckhout-Decorte is the only tree nursery worldwide that is cultivating the Ilex Crenata "Dark Green" ® * in bare root!


Find out more about our assortment via the ' Info Plants ' page.


In addition to these four ilex species, we are still cultivating the Buxus "Sempervirens" and Hedera "Hibernica" (sticked Ivy) for over 20 years!

In the case of Eeckhout-Decorte everything is cultivated from cuttings to plants! A unique asset, because it is possible to monitor and manage every stage of the process itself. Therefore the varietal/purity of the plants is guaranteed.


More information about care, plantation or characteristics of our hedge plants can be found here.


Our hedge plants can also be ordered through our handy ' webshop 

Buy a crenata, ivy or Ilex? Then you are at the right address at nursery Eeckhout-Decorte

Since spring 2017 we are also active in the organic sector, more specifically in strawberry cultivation. Because we are also engaged in the sustainable cultivation of our tree nursery, this did not make any major efforts to save the road from the 100% organic cultivation.

More information about our Organic strawberry Nursery can be found here.

Always welcome to our nursery!

Philip, Sonja & Jürgen

3 cups


Well branched

Beautiful root structure

100% naturally grown

Information on care, planting and characteristics of our hedge plants

Info plants

We are always ready to answer your questions. Set them directly to the nursery!

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