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Ilex crenata ' Dark Green ' ® * is ideal as a replacement for Boxwood. She has a beautiful dark green color and can be made perfectly with all kinds of shapes!



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Ilex Crenata ' Dark Green ' ® is a novice of its kind. This unique strain is extremely healthy and highly resistant to diseases. It is a good pruning plant and can retain its beautiful dark green leaf colour all year. Around May-June, this Japanese holly blossoms and creates beautiful white flowers. They spread an attractive scent and also attract many insects such as bees, butterflies and also birds can not resist. Ilex crenata ' Dark Green ' is very flexible and, unlike the ' sempervirens ', does not like lime-rich soil. Can be good against air pollution and sea breeze. Is ideal to use as a green hedge or to shave in all kinds of shapes. Grows pretty compact and is physically very similar to ' Boxwood '. You can buy Ilex crenata ' Dark Green ' ® online at Eeckhout-Decorte via the handy plant shop!

Winter Green

Ilex under scrutiny

Soil type
Not too humid, low ph
2,5 m - 3,5 m

Ilex under scrutiny

Leaf color
Dark green
Flower Color
Flowering months
May - June
Pruning period
Partial shade-Sun-flexible


Planting Ilex Dark Green ® does not require much effort, but there are some points that should be taken into consideration before and during the planting of this Ilex species;


  1. Mix the soil with sufficient peat nutrient mixture. This ensures a well permeable soil and strongly promotes the root formation of the plant. Moreover, it lowers the ph, ideal for Ilex!

  2. In order to get a drained soil you can also dig some and change everything well.

  3. When the weather is warm and you plant Ilex in your garden, it is very important to give it enough water. This is also appropriate for planting in flower boxes or flower pots.

  4. Do not use calcium at Ilex

Please note!

After planting it is normal for a lot of leaves to lose weight.

This is a normal process. In this way Ilex Dark Green ® adapts to your garden, soil and new environment.

With this info you can get to work and then enjoy sure and fix your beautiful garden and your new green!



Ilex Dark green® is a very simple plant in terms of care. Treating against diseases is not necessary, because they are not there. However, there are some things that need to be watched so that your Ilex Dark green® would feel good;


  1. Always fertilize with organic fertilizer, never chemically

  2. Pruning is best done in the months of April-October

  3. When Ilex was planted next to a terrace or large piece of hardening, try to avoid excess water. This can be solved among other things by making a small trench or gutter that leads to the vast majority of water.

Tip of the Nursery!

In the webshop the organic fertilizer is available which we use on the tree nursery.


Frequent questions


How fast does Ilex Dark Green ® grow?

Ilex Dark Green ® grows relatively fast. From the 2nd year after planting it grows about 10-15 cm per year. This ensures that 1 pruning per year is sufficient.

Why does Ilex Dark Green ® provide biodiversity?

Ilex Dark Green ® has a huge trump card when it comes to biodiversity. In May-June, Ilex Dark Green ® will come up with beautiful white flowers and in the months of October-November, Black stone fruit will come to the plant. Because of this, this Ilex gets a lot of attracting birds, bees and insects.

Can Ilex Dark Green ® also be planted at sea?

Yes, no problem. Ilex Dark Green ® can tolerate salty sea breeze very well.

Can I further increase Ilex Dark Green ®?

No, this is not allowed. Since this Ilex kind falls under breeder right. Ilex Crenata "Dark green" ® "This breed is protected by European plant Breeders ' Rights under Number EU20072678. Any multiplication and subcultivation is only permitted after written approval from the licensor. "

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