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Boxwood - Buxus sempervirens

Boxwood - Buxus ' Sempervirens ', also known as the palm tree is a evergreen hedge plant that is ideal for shaving in shapes.

Ilex Dark green


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How do I best plant my Boxwood - Buxus sempervirens?


How do I take care of my Boxwood - Buxus sempervirens?

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Boxwood - Buxus ' Sempervirens ', also known as the palm tree is a evergreen hedge plant that is ideal for shaving in shapes. This is hardy and can tolerate air pollution well. The leaf of the Boxwood - Buxus ' Sempervirens ' is dark green-green and has a striking egg shape. Is rather pH flexible. He prefers to grow in full sun or partial shade and in well drained soil. It is still the hedge plant par excellence. In spite of the known diseases, the area is very strong and can be with natural means, without endangering the environment! You can order this hedge plants online at Boomkwekerij Eeckhout-Decorte/ Puur van't veld ®!


Boxwood under scrutiny

Winter Green
Soil type
Not too humid, low ph
Susceptible to fungal diseases
2,5 m - 3,5 m

Boxwood under scrutiny

Leaf color
Flower Color
Flowering months
Pruning period
Partial shade-Sun-flexible


Planting Boxwood, Buxus sempervirens does not require much effort, but there are some points that should be taken into consideration before and during the planting;


  1. Mix the soil with sufficient peat nutrient mixture. This ensures a well permeable soil and strongly promotes the root formation of the plant.

  2. In order to get a drained soil you can also dig some and change everything well.

  3. When the weather is warm and you plant Buxus in your garden, it is very important to give it enough water. This is also appropriate for planting in flower boxes or flower pots.

  4. Use calcium at Buxus

With this info you can get to work and then enjoy sure and fix your beautiful garden and your new green!



buxus is a very simple plant in terms of care. However, there are some things that need to be watched so that your Buxus sempervirens would feel good;


  1. Always fertilize with organic fertilizer, never chemically

  2. Pruning is best done in the months of April-October

  3. When Buxus is planted next to a terrace or large piece of hardening, try to avoid excess water. This can be solved among other things by making a small trench or gutter that leads the majority of water away.

Tip of the Nursery!

In the webshop the organic fertilizer is available which we use on the tree nursery.


Frequent questions

Veelgestelde vragen
  • Hoe snel groeit Ilex Dark green®?
    Ilex Dark green groeit relatief snel. Vanaf het 2e jaar na aanplanting groeit het ongeveer 10 - 15 cm per jaar. Dit zorgt ervoor dat 1 snoeibeurt per jaar voldoende is.
  • Waarom zorgt Ilex Dark green® voor biodiversiteit?
    Ilex Dark green® heeft een enorme troef als het gaat om biodiversiteit. Het is een compleet andere plant in tegenstelling tot Buxus. In mei - juni komen er aan Ilex Dark green® mooie witte bloempjes en in de maanden oktober - november komen er zwarte steenvruchtjes aan de plant. Hierdoor krijgt deze Ilex soort veel aantrek van vogels, bijen en insecten.
  • Kan Ilex Dark green® ook aan zee geplant worden?
    Jazeker, geen probleem. Ilex Dark green® kan zoute zeewind zeer goed verdragen.
  • Kan ik zelf Ilex Dark green® verder vermeerderen?
    Nee, dit is niet toegestaan. Aangezien deze Ilex soort onder kwekersrecht valt. Ilex Crenata "Dark Green" ® "Dit ras is beschermd door Europees kwekersrecht onder nummer EU20072678. Elke vermeerdering en doorkweek is enkel toegelaten nà schriftelijke goedkeuring van de licentiegever."

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